Quotes from June

I am truly and absolutely mesmerized by quotes, in hopes that one day I will find the one quote that will explain everything. Until then I will try to explain small fractions of my life with those that come to me. These are original quotes that I wrote myself, some are borrowed from things people say which I later alter to the current idea which I am trying to express.

“You ar only going to get however much you are willing to put forth, so if you want everything you must be willing to give up everything” June 4, 2010

“The mere possibilities are overpowering, the mere chance of them is staggering, but my will to continue is perpetual.” June 15, 2010

“Don’t try to prove the world wrong, because the world doesn’t care, Don’t try to prove yourself to anyone because they will never be satisfied. The only person you have to prove yourself to is yourself, because at the end of the day its you, you have to sleep with at night.” June 20, 2010 (The last part was taken from my friend Will

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