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May 22, 2012

The problem with noncontradiction and reason

The Principle of Reason requires an explanation for any fact, and rejects the possibility of brute, or unexplained facts.

  • Fact needs an explanation: F -> E

The Principle Of Non-contradiction states that a contradictory statements cannot both at the same time be true

  • A is B
  • A is not B
  • Hence A is either B or not B but not both.

The Problem

A fact needs an explanation,however what they overlooked is that that explanation in itself in a fact or else it could not be true, so in turn it must also possess an explanation




and so on until…. F will not have an E and will fall into the absurd, brute, or unexplained fact which I will call α

so F→α, however Facts cannot both have explanations and not have explanations

My theory is that it is innate in humans to contradict oneself and it is necessary for further growth into what we do not know.

So that for reason to exist contradiction must exist as proven above.

May 15, 2012

Dare I say love quotes?

“You tickle my heart to a giggling youth I thought lost”

“I love you, yesterday, today, tomorrow”

“Forever is a breathe that evades us, so I promise to always love you today”

“I love you x^3”

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May 11, 2012

I Welcome YOUR Suggestion

Ideally this section this is for any subject you want me to write about mainly philosophical or maybe a poem. Unfortunately making up quotes due to suggestions is a bit difficult. For now my “Ideas” category is blank which will include philosophical questions and thoughts, but I WILL have TWO articles by the end of May so heads up. Until then if there is any topic you are interested in me covering please feel free to ask here. This is your corner 🙂

May 7, 2012

One two three

One two three
Heart mocks
A luring thought
Seconds away: peace
Clubbing at you
One two three
A point
Doubling over
Tripling thoughts
One two three
Ours are hours
Fuck coke
Rambling heart
To a
Brain thumping
Two good reasons
Three words
To peace
“Just do it”
Seconds, minutes, hours
Who needs coke
When you have a brain like hours
To stay, pay
To stop it, obey
Sleep? Not think
No more
Hours, minutes, seconds
Three, two, one

May 2, 2012

I want, not

I want to write
Without letters
I want to kiss you
Without lips
I want to choose
without thinking
I want you
Without me