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April 25, 2012

Fuck You

Thoughts rush through my mind
Reality waves ram upon my heart
The sun begins to set
The tide begins to rise
One by one the shells fall prey to the depths of the sea
Slowly they abandon the shore
I am left alone
Left only with my reflection upon the selfish ocean
Which takes and gives with no consideration toward me
Mocking me as it begins to slither through my toes
I stand there knowing that tonight will be different
Tomorrow you won’t be there
You have left me with tonights rising tide
Tomorrow I will look through the thousands of shells
There will be colorful and shiny ones
Tomorrow you won’t be among them
Eventhough you promised you wouldn’t do this
I was fool enough to believe
I was fool enough to fall inlove
I was fool enough to trust your every word
In my ear you would sing to me a lovely melody
In which you told me of your ocean of love
The word makes me sick and the acids within smolder my heart
Your lusciuous lovely language of love was lubricated in lies
Which were ill-inspired by your selfish greed
But your not fully to blame
You told what I wanted to hear
What I needed to hear
What I yearned to hear
forget this

wrote this sometime january 2009, can you see the fuck you in the end? no? look again

March 5, 2012


Gasp…breathe: scared!
Seconds to break down these beating walls
Time sands
Heart chained
Eyes paint his tragedy:
The last survivor in Pandora dies…
Betrayed by his mere essence
Crippled by trust
Poisoned by reality