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April 17, 2012


Eve bit the apple
Sinking into its white poison
Her white teeth-
Disguised by her luscious lips:
A smile
Whitened corpse
White bones leeched by our sinful flesh
White mocks us
Binds us
White Picket Fence
White Dress
White Panties and White Bras
White paper
Cuts so delicately
Cut it, snort it, embrace it
An honest white
No propaganda
Snowing subtlety on your skin
Angels, Snowmen, Sledding
Frostbite, Chapped Lips, Frigid
Tricks us
Makes us
to this false notion of hope
Ignorance in Innocence

March 1, 2012

Love you, love me?

*Written July 2007, years before actually being inlove. Written as an experiment.

I see the sun climb across the white cushions and through the blue oceans of the sky.
I hear the mesmerizing melody of the doves stringing and keying.
I smell the aroma of roses and tangerines racing through the air and crashing into my nostrils…ecstasy.
I feel the delicate, delicious, delightful caressing massage of silky roses.
I taste the sweet sugar of life.

It is you.
Do you not see?
No. I was
You leave me with…

Innocence exiled, as a child is stabbed until Breath is livered out of him.
The pulsating bombs of Life against Hope-the genocide of the Eardrums.
The bloody, sweat stench of truth lingers over the vulnerable flowers like a gaseous cloud.
The piercing needle of truth injects into every pore. Reality in. Dreams out.
Faith disintegrates in the acid, cavity stricken world with masticated Hope regurgitated at will.
It is my fault. Did i not see?