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March 5, 2012


My feet can splinter
My feet can crack
My feet can bleed
But I will not stop
Continue, for every wince
Of pain that colors my face
I can subdue the constant
Badgering within me
Like an impending catastrophe
My hands can shake
My hands can sweat a fountain of anxiety
My hands can fracture with every fall
But I will not stop
Ragged and lacerated as they may be
They are nostalgic nomads
Retracing their way back to the softness
That they use to dance with
The ground can shake
The ground can burn
The ground can bruise
But I will not stop
I have a dream
I have a wish
I have this love
I will not stop
I will give my home
I will give my life
I will give my heart
I will not stop
Until my feet fail me
Until my hands can no longer break my fall
Until the ground swallows me
You see I am going home
To my heart
*June 7 2010. Probably one of my worst poems