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July 9, 2012


If I was a car
Then I could stop
for real.
The brakes take too-
Emergency brake.
But there is still
The Radios circulatory system of thoughts.
Oxygen fighting hopelessly for me against CO2.
Granted: Oxygen.
Expel its enemy,
Give it purpose
to give me purpose
Using it or using me?
The engine diaphragms-waiting
GO GO GO it rumbles
Sit still
yet still refuses to be stop
If I was a car
I wouldn’t bother braking.
Be more rash than emergency braking!
Whether I was at 100 or 5
I would turn the key
So I could stop
I wouldn’t matter if I was moving
since being still isn’t stopping.
Stop thinking
Stop breathing
Stop being
If I was a car I could stop
long enough to rest
vamp myself according to my tune this time

April 17, 2012


Eve bit the apple
Sinking into its white poison
Her white teeth-
Disguised by her luscious lips:
A smile
Whitened corpse
White bones leeched by our sinful flesh
White mocks us
Binds us
White Picket Fence
White Dress
White Panties and White Bras
White paper
Cuts so delicately
Cut it, snort it, embrace it
An honest white
No propaganda
Snowing subtlety on your skin
Angels, Snowmen, Sledding
Frostbite, Chapped Lips, Frigid
Tricks us
Makes us
to this false notion of hope
Ignorance in Innocence

March 5, 2012


Gasp…breathe: scared!
Seconds to break down these beating walls
Time sands
Heart chained
Eyes paint his tragedy:
The last survivor in Pandora dies…
Betrayed by his mere essence
Crippled by trust
Poisoned by reality

March 1, 2012

Date with the Grim Reaper

*Wrote this sometime during junior year 2006-2007

Deadly, deafening dawn envelopes the ending day in which you say:
-a tad bit too late, our eardrums…closed…to your dulling, discouraging body-
Surprised? Doubt on you dieing?
Ah, but we are all bound to be dialed up, to deal with death.
Heed the call, don’t dacoit or daff your divorce from this world.
Confusion devours and dries your daily dreams, deafening you in a…
Damning, Damnable, damnatory to be damned and damnified

Stop?-What is that?-You need more time?
Away from the dale and dainty defining idolized moments, which you have come to adore.
Devise not a way to daggle yourself out of this dancingly, damson, destructive, dank, daft dimension
for it was determined for the damnedest, diseased, dullest, dyspepsia  embodiment of human existence to reside in this life dampening, dolor domicile.

You DOG! Dare not to dodge or doff by dogging yourself to God!
Don’t durst to defy or dunk away or any of your disgusting dupery.
Don’t blame God! Thou were the one who drummed the distracting tune for this due curfew
You drat dud of life, drunkenly dinning your dearly, dutiful, disgusting, ardent pleasures by drooping by drabbing devilishly.

Dreary dissymmetry levels will obsessively dote upon your deserted dirge.
Curse your dysteleology, degage denotation of your dogmatic doctrine of life.
Dwine your dullard divination of escape, not now, its just too late.
The deadly, dieing Dagger of Death dives into your diastole heart
drilling itself through you’re drubbed, dratted body dilating, by the daffs, through your demonic diagnosed flesh.
Dripping, damson, blood canoes swiftly
You just keep lieing there on the dank, damp, dabble concrete that drugs itself with your life.
I see you are a judas my friend, down you will be dropped.
Now your dacoit stands over you sipping your life with such burning sweetness of a daiquiri.
Desire to live brings desperate, daft, doxy ideals. Sorry you’re pretty deep in the dulling ditch.
Anyhow you got to the deck on the dot.
So don’t daggle through the dabble.
This is your end, you are dead. D’accord.

July 5, 2010

Quotes from June

I am truly and absolutely mesmerized by quotes, in hopes that one day I will find the one quote that will explain everything. Until then I will try to explain small fractions of my life with those that come to me. These are original quotes that I wrote myself, some are borrowed from things people say which I later alter to the current idea which I am trying to express.

“You ar only going to get however much you are willing to put forth, so if you want everything you must be willing to give up everything” June 4, 2010

“The mere possibilities are overpowering, the mere chance of them is staggering, but my will to continue is perpetual.” June 15, 2010

“Don’t try to prove the world wrong, because the world doesn’t care, Don’t try to prove yourself to anyone because they will never be satisfied. The only person you have to prove yourself to is yourself, because at the end of the day its you, you have to sleep with at night.” June 20, 2010 (The last part was taken from my friend Will

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