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July 9, 2012


If I was a car
Then I could stop
for real.
The brakes take too-
Emergency brake.
But there is still
The Radios circulatory system of thoughts.
Oxygen fighting hopelessly for me against CO2.
Granted: Oxygen.
Expel its enemy,
Give it purpose
to give me purpose
Using it or using me?
The engine diaphragms-waiting
GO GO GO it rumbles
Sit still
yet still refuses to be stop
If I was a car
I wouldn’t bother braking.
Be more rash than emergency braking!
Whether I was at 100 or 5
I would turn the key
So I could stop
I wouldn’t matter if I was moving
since being still isn’t stopping.
Stop thinking
Stop breathing
Stop being
If I was a car I could stop
long enough to rest
vamp myself according to my tune this time

May 7, 2012

One two three

One two three
Heart mocks
A luring thought
Seconds away: peace
Clubbing at you
One two three
A point
Doubling over
Tripling thoughts
One two three
Ours are hours
Fuck coke
Rambling heart
To a
Brain thumping
Two good reasons
Three words
To peace
“Just do it”
Seconds, minutes, hours
Who needs coke
When you have a brain like hours
To stay, pay
To stop it, obey
Sleep? Not think
No more
Hours, minutes, seconds
Three, two, one